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Belize Travel Tips

The winter months of the Northern Hemisphere, November through May, attract the most visitors to Belize. However, many visitors prefer to come during the quieter summer months from June to October. Both times of the year have their own unique attractions, and the choice of when to visit is up to you, your budget, and the adventures you want to experience. Read on for more helpful Belize travel tips.

Belize in the Winter

Belize has proven to be the choice location for those wanting to escape the harsh winter of the North. Besides the favorable temperatures, Belize is also a favorite destination due to the following:

  • Easy to Get to - It's one of the most accessible of all tropical locations by geography and entry requirements.
  • English Speaking - Since English is the official language, it's easier to get around by yourself, with a group, or if you have special needs.
  • Great Weather - The winter is the dry season in Belize, which means you should have no problem predicting bright, sunny skies during your stay.

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Belize in the Summer

Belize is also the ideal place for those needing a summer break. Although Belize is a tropical country, the offshore breezes often provide cooler temperatures during the summer months than experienced in many cities to the north. Many come to the island during the summer for the following:

  • Fewer Visitors - Belize receives fewer visitors during the summer, which offers you the opportunity to find the privacy and isolation you desire.
  • Mild Weather - Although it's the rainy season, showers are sporadic and short, and they are followed by clear skies and sunshine.
  • Affordability - The best feature about spending a summer vacation in Belize is the savings. Rates start from around May 1 and remain significantly lower until November as compared to prices encountered during the winter months.

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