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Why Choose Lighthouse Reef?

Of the three atoll reefs off the coast of Belize, Lighthouse Reef is the farthest offshore. It's far from neglected, however, since dive boats from San Pedro visit the atoll regularly, and the larger, live-aboard vessels are always found in the vicinity.

Within the confines of the reef, the depth is generally about 9 ft (2.7 m) with sufficient room between the numerous patch reefs to maneuver any craft with shallow enough draft. The seabed is sandy, and this allows the skipper to see the darker-colored patches of coral. As long as the sun is over the shoulder, the patch reefs are clearly seen. However, as soon as you turn and face the sun, the glare from the surface obscures the coral.

Notable Diving Locations

There are six Cayes that are popular with divers. In the north, Sandbore Caye is one of the two Cayes equipped with lighthouses occupied by a keeper and his family. Nearby is Northern Caye, and these two Cayes are known locally as Northern Two Cayes. On Northern Caye is one of the newest offshore diving resorts. Much of this Caye has well-matured mangroves, and there is an internal lagoon. It's noted for its saltwater crocodiles and snowy egrets.

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